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OOC - Reboot Time!

Because my creative fly bit me in the arse and there's a new kind of story brewing in my head, I'm coming back to writing this character. However, my direction for writing him is different from before and thus, X is getting rebooted. While some old Nexus interactions and stories will carry over, much of it won't. Much apologies if that causes confusion.

Entry #6


I am not sure why I'm even trying anymore.

Signas got access to military files from other dimensions. I'm afraid to think how he did that - probably used his uber-CPU and everything. And he tried to use them against Captain America, who showed up on Sages and started acting like a shithead. Nearly branded the moron as an international terrorist, which'd mean he'd become our job. Me, hunting the bloody Captain America... Yeah, right. Like that's something I need.

The last several days are bothersome, in general... Fights, arguments, friends getting hurt, people hating on each other... Can't we just leave that all behind somehow?

...I think I need a break. Will go get one now.

Tired... So damn tired of it...

Day #5

I wish this day would be a little more uneventful. Only one thing happened through it all, and that one thing was...


Sometimes, I start praying for at least one day to pass without any of my friends getting hurt, mentally or physically... I would ask for more, but since it seems to never happen... At least one would be enough.

Day #4

...A tiring day. Mostly because of three incidents.

I got to mock discuss Forte's incredibly stupid and ghey unique armor and how it compares to Zero's Absolute Zero. An armor that is incredibly stupid, as well - and makes me feel good when I remember that my Ultimate Armor has nipple lasers and a tv-station on it's back.

...Oh, well. Chicks dig the nipple lasers.

After that, went to the Sanctuary. Ended up having a very good time in the hot springs... Specific details won't be mentioned, and no, I won't answer if you try to guess. Just because.

Also, Layer made it into the Nexus... And she's the one from my world, for a change. Never a bad thing. Of course, Douglas seems to be the last one to get in here, which is weird... But I'm sure it's just because he's plotting something.

Well, I should go get some rest now... Shutting down the datapad for a change, since I need some rest for a change.

So here I go. And... Layer, dear? I hope everything gets better for you.

Day #3

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I can see it. And I bet I'm the one singing the ending theme - because where I fail at DDR, I win at karaoke.

Still have problems with new place to go, but I guess I'll worry about that later. Maybe will just go to Giga City starting with weekend, because Marino never responded to the last entry and that means she wants a nice surprise in a form of a Maverick Hunter at her doorstep.

Also, met another Emma Frost. Agreed to give her lessons on Ansatsuken - hopefully, it won't be too hard for her in the long run.

Got into another fight with the braindead nun from hell. She's getting annoying - and the way she throws the "servant of Lord" thing left and right like she's some demented girlscout really irks me. Promised to beat the shit out of her the next time she attempts to go for violence.

Life goes on. In a bit wanky manner, but it does.

Day #2

Back from Africa. Still didn't calm down as much as I'd want to - shows by me being a selfish asshole lately. Should fix it somehow.

Still thinking of a quiet place to move to for a while - sadly, this whole week is working. Considering asking Signas to appoint myself to some remote region for this week, maybe a lot of work and silence would help me. If that doesn't work...

...Marino? Spider? How's Giga City this time of year?

Day #1

Resetting the counter on the datapad because I want to.

Decided to take a break off the Nexus, so left the Hunter HQ. Ended up in jungle of Africa - spent the last few days training in martial arts. Wasn't too bad - managed to calm down, pull myself together, start to looking out on a better side of life. Until I tried to look into the Nexus again, that is.

...Need more self-control. Much more of it. And need to get away somewhere. Preferably, somewhere with more reploids and less humans treating me like just another gadget.
Best. Meme result. Ever.Collapse )

Emma? Never knew you're so marvelous with a chainsaw.

Another quiz

Tarot Card quizCollapse )

...I swear, it's impossible to get something else out of it. Either that, or I really am a fool.

Other than that, nothing to tell. It's been real quiet for me lately.

And lonely, and making feel useless and... ...I think I need to go get some fresh air. I don't sound like myself anymore.
Meme, cut for big picture.Collapse )

A dragon, huh... That's unexpected.

I should start updating this thing with more than quizzes, though... But Marino will probably hunt down and kill me for the entries' contents. My own fault, seriously...

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