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Irregular Hunter Chronicles

Reploid Prototype Diary

Mega Man X
19 September
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X is an android created by doctor Thomas Light in late 21st century. Originally hidden in a capsule designed to test his programming, he was found and activated in early 22nd century. As the first android with complex emotional patterns and ability to learn, he was used as a prototype for a race of advanced replica androids, commonly abbreviated as reploids.

He comes from 23rd century Earth. Following the appearance of reploids, technology advanced rapidly and the world evolved into a technologically advanced marvel. However, new achievements bring new conflicts... When reploids started rebelling against humans due to system damage or personal reasons, the government created an organization named Irregular Hunters. Originally focused entirely on stopping reploid rebellions, it is now the world's strongest peacekeeping force.

X is one of the earliest volunteers for the organization, and a survivor of numerous wars and conflicts. Currently ranked S and placed in command of the 17th Elite Unit, he is a strange presence in the Hunters - compassionate, idealistic and a little naive, he despises violence and only wishes for peace. Decades of military duty have taken its toll; while friendly and good-natured, he often seems tired and withdrawn. Despite that, he is an experienced Hunter with a strong sense of justice who often acts as a moral compass for people around him.

X appears as a human in his early twenties. He is rather plain-looking, with an average build and short dark hair; his only distinguishing feature is his clear green eyes. While not on duty, he wears plain outfits which, despite fitting him well, only enhance his unremarkable appearance.

In combat, however, X is instantly recognizable because of his trademark armor. Simple and streamlined, with blue as its main color and a red crystal set into the helmet's front, it covers everything but his face and easily explains his 'Blue Bomber' nickname. Its right hand can transform into a powerful energy cannon and its boots are equipped with an accelerator system that can propel him for short distances through the air.

X also possesses a vast arsenal of weapons and secondary functions that are stored in his other armors, and is rumored to possess limitless potential both physically and emotionally. Despite being a machine, he has learned many minor skills in his attempt to blend in with human society, is a good housekeeper and a decent cook.

X is a recurring character in Mega Man series, created by Keiji Inafune and published by Capcom. He is the lead character in X series and appears in some form during Zero and ZX series. This version of him comes from right after X8, but before Command Mission.

This journal is used for roleplaying. All characters, insignia and terminology belong to Capcom. I'm not affiliated with them and make no money off this journal. If you have any questions, you can find me over at fidchell.

The PB for X without armor is Simon from the second stage of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.